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The Secrets to enduring riches

Posted on August 25, 2011 at 7:19 PM Comments comments (44)
Pastor Wale
Proverbs. 27:23 & 24, Proverbs. 10:4, 12:24&27, 13:4
Diligence vs. Hard work
Hard work has little or no reward if not backed up with smartness, otherwise the richest people on the earth arguable should be on construction sites around the world.
Non-negotiable skills
  1. Creative nature: God made us in His image and gave us imaginative abilities. This comes not without a price though.... Don't trade off your spirit of excellence. It is impossible for you to be significantly rewarded for similarities with others. Huge rewards are reserved for those who celebrate positive differences.
  2. A smart working effort; this comes through right planning and execution. Always plan ahead adequately. This is not just about what you do but the spirit you work with. God's plan is for us to shine in the midst of darkness.
This is not an attempt to elevate any discipline or vocation above another, there is dignity in labour but there is a greater reward for creativity and diligence. These skills are applicable not only to CEOs but also to the housewife or househusband running a home.
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Take your seat in history

Posted on August 23, 2011 at 3:36 PM Comments comments (95)
Pastor Wale
Josh.1:7&8, Ps.40:6-8
History is not only that which happened many years ago and is being read, everyday history is written
3 types of people:
  • Celebrators; they celebrate the celebrated
  • Commemorators; they believe there's no more new things
  • Anticipators; history makers
The difference between living and merely existing, you must be adding something to mankind, otherwise you merely exist. You need to birth a dimension of heaven in the place of your assignment; every pain and experiences you've been through are ingredients for your relevance.
Temporary setbacks are common; they shouldn't stop you from taking you seat in history, in the midst of crises the solution is around you (miners’story). Choosing to stop living when you're still living is a deadly thing to do.
How to take your place
  1. Winning is an inside job; Heb.11:30-34, if you're already defeated on the inside, nothing can help you on the outside
    1. Pursue it rigorously; we always move in the direction of our dominant thoughts, proof of your desire is in the intensity of your pursuit
    2. Set limits; there must be a line we won't cross
  2. Maintaining the right focus in life; looking onto Jesus, You can only possess what you pursued. This requires elimination of options. Don't fight as one beating the air, focus on your assignment. There are many good ideas but there's a God's will, stay focused on your business. Your success in any venture is dependent on what you're willing to ignore.
  3. Have the right image and identity; your identity opens the door for you. It gives you the right to your seat, when you see yourself as a prince you build the attitude of a prince. What you're is not what holds you back; it's what you think you're not. Who you think you're is who you really are. We behave not in reality but what we perceived to be reality (our own reality) perception colours your belief. Numbers 13:30
You have an assignment that'll single you out and give you your place in history, rise up to your responsibility, no angel will do this for you; it's in your hands.
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Renewed strength

Posted on December 29, 2010 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (15)
This could mean different things in different situations; to a hungry man, food will do while to a tired and weary traveller probably a warm bath hot meal and good sleep or rest will work wonders. 
Sometimes a good chat to a friend might also do the job, and help to rebuild failing morale. To a sick person, there’ll definitely be a need for a more prolonged care depending on the type of illness.
To the Israelites in the wilderness, they moved from place to place, sometimes simply going round in circles, no serious sign of progress, they ate the same food, wore the same clothing and the same shoes. I can imagine that must be kind of depressing, if you disagree, you may want to try it for a month. All through this time, though they hadn’t arrived at their destination, they never stopped multiplying. They kept growing from strength to strength.
The angel woke up the prophet the second time and said to him ‘Arise and eat; because the journey is too great for thee.’(1Kings 19:7). Before now the prophet had been valiant for the Lord, confronted the whole nation of Israel all alone, destroyed some four hundred prophets of Baal and also caused it to rain again after it hadn’t rained for about three and half years. Then he had to outrun the king’s chariot into the city. Same day there was a real threat on his life; he had to flee the city immediately. At one point he even became suicidal asking God to kill him. The angel fed him twice and allowed him time to sleep and renew his strength because of the great journey ahead of him.
To a farmland sometimes renewed strength means leaving it to fallow. During this period the land is not cultivated at all, it’s probably overgrown with all sort of weeds. No beauty at all, just wild. If the land could speak, at this time it would probably complain of abandonment. On the outside it looks like nothing is happening but on the inside strength is being renewed.
There are many other similar examples of strength renewal all through the Scriptures, the last and not the least for this discussion is from the master himself, he said “I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser.  Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit” (John 15:1&2). The process of pruning is not strange in any way to fruit famers; this process is usually carried out during the months of winter. A time when neither growth nor life is obvious in the plant, it takes a good famer to know what to do, how to cut, what branches to cut and when, no wonder God does it Himself.
Pruning does a few things for the plant, helps to keep the tree balance, produce new stalks and eventually more fruits in the following season. New strength for the new season but again if trees could talk when the blades were cutting-in, it would probably shout out a protest. We can go on and on and talk about animals in hibernation, and old eagles hiding in the crevices of the high rocks for nearly half a year to rejuvenate.
In Conclusion, if you thought the year had been sluggish, quiet or a bit uneventful, perhaps it’s because your strength was being renewed Thanks to God for this year of renewed strength; but hey! Since our strength has been renewed this year i can only imagine what next year will be like, can’t wait to soar.